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We Kanokanga & Partners are passionate about sports. We offer a unique range of services to help athletes, sports clubs, club owners, sports governing bodies, managers, trainers, leagues, sponsors and anyone else in the sports sector on all legal matters relating to sports. We as a firm take an active interest in sports law. As such our firm is highly skilled with knowledge relating to Fair Play Practices, The World Anti-Doping Code and Match Fixing. As an enthusiastic sports law firm we are aware that sports law are entwined with competition law and labour law and as such we prepare, draft, manage and review standard codes of conduct and other contracts for our clients. We guide our clients through the available options for commencing, defending or maintaining a claim either through Arbitration or the Courts. We also regularly support agents, service providers and vendors who provide accommodation, transportation, tickets, food and beverages, sports memorabilia and more. Our sports law services include but are not limited to;

  • Contracts and commercial agreements negotiation
  • Sponsorship deals
  • Endorsement deals
  • Image rights, transfer fees, free agency and prohibited substances
  • Broadcast rights, increasingly valuable sponsorship contracts,
  • Litigation involving individual contracts, collective agreements, tax issues and disciplinary issues
  • Brand management
  • Event organization
  • Sports governance
  • The drafting of rules and regulations;
  • The drafting of player and manager contracts
  • Disciplinary and anti-doping proceedings;
  • Bringing and defending challenges to the decisions and actions of governing bodies
  • Dispute resolution (including conciliation, mediation, arbitration and expert determination)
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Thank you for visiting our website. Kanokanga & Partners was a corporate and commercial law firm established in 1991. This law firm is located in Harare, Zimbabwe we provide legal and advisory services to various individuals, families, small to medium enterprises, municipalities and public listed companies and other institutions.

We have and continue to provide an efficient and effective legal practice for well over two decades. We advise local, regional and international clients on various aspects of the law.

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Eviction Of Bad Tenants From My House In Harare, Zimbabwe

You are doing an excellent job, Kanokanga & Partners. I had tenants in my house in Harare, who were not paying their rents and did not maintain the property despite the fact that 50% of the rent was kept by them for regular maintenance. I gave them notice to quit but they refused to comply. It took your company, through the dedication of Mr. Bernard Furidzo, to finally eject them by legal means.The house was in a total mess and your company put in a new tenant and have been restoring the property gradually back to its original state through regular maintenance. In addition your company remits to me the 50% monthly rental as soon as the tenants pay. Thank you very much, Kanokanga & Partners. I will always recommend your services to everyone needing them.

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