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Kanokanga & Partners has for more than two decades acted and continue to act in the best interest of its clients (national, regional & international).We in our operations seek to do the following:

(a)  To uphold the rule of  law & the proper administration  of justice

(b)  To act with integrity

(c)   To act in the best interest of the client(s)

(d)  To provide quality service

(e)  To provide cost effective solutions to our clients

(f)    To  act professionally

Whilst we take all reasonable steps to act in your best interest, we require that our clients co-operate with us at all material times. Further it is our client’s responsibility to provide us with clear and detailed instructions (and not giving us false or misleading information) and also pay our fees and necessary disbursements timeously.


The Firm was in 2015 named a winner in the 2015 African Corporate Excellence Awards, having been awarded Best Corporate Law Firm in Zimbabwe.

In 2016 the firm was awarded the Most Innovative Company in Zimbabwe Award by Acquisition-Intl

In 2016 the firm was awarded the Zimbabwe – Client Care Law Firm of the Year Award by ACQ (Acquisition Finance) Magazine

In 2016 the firm was awarded the Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Zimbabwe Award by Corporate Intl

In 2016 the firm was awarded the Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year in Zimbabwe Award by Corporate Intl

The Founding Partner has been nominated for Africa’s most prestigious recognition platform for me by Titans


We at Kanokanga & Partners take pride on our long-standing involvement in corporate social responsibility initiatives and donations made to numerous charity organizations. We at Kanokanga & Partners as part of our corporate social responsibility believe in giving back to the community. We provide free legal advice and legal assistance to persons who cannot afford legal services on a Pro Bono, Pro Deo & Pro Amico basis.  We provide legal services to inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, charitable organizations, social entrepreneurs and social enterprises.

We as a firm are committed to structured social awareness and upliftment programs. In this regard we work closely with international pro bono organizations:



The Senior Partner may assign any legal practitioner to handle your case. If your assigned legal practitioner is not in the office and you wish to see him/her, we will be more than happy to take a message or have you see another legal practitioner (however this legal practitioner may not be familiar with your case).


It will be noted that as a client you have certain rights (these rights are not stated in any order of importance):

1.       Right to see your Legal Practitioner

2.      Right to prompt feed-back from our firm

3.      Right to be updated regularly and in a timely manner on the progress of your case

4.      Right to  prompt communication (includes face to face or web-based) with your legal practitioner

5.      Right to a reasonable charge  for the work done on your behalf

6.      Right to make the ultimate decision in your matter

7.      Right to have your legal rights & options explained to you

8.     Right to a written fee agreement


We at Kanokanga & Partners have exceptionally high standards which we are determined to maintain especially given that the Senior Partner is a member of the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal

Please be advised that we have an internal complaints procedure. You may raise your complaint with your Legal Practitioner or our Office Administrator. Should you still be dissatisfied, you are at liberty to take up the matter with the Senior Partner. If after seeing the senior Partner you are still dissatisfied you may direct your complaint to the Law Society of Zimbabwe.


At the commencement of engagement and during its continuation we will investigate on whether there are any conflicts of interest, and upon our findings we will either accept or decline your instructions. In the event of the latter we can assist you by referring your matter to a ‘best-friend’ law firm.

We are subject to the duty of confidentiality (see Letter of Engagement) in relation to the information received and it will be noted that this duty continues to exist even after the conclusion of your matter.

An attorney-client relationship (see Letter of Engagement) is a contract of representation (verbal or written) by the legal practitioner (or any member of staff) and client. It can also be formed upon payment of a sum of money by the client to the legal practitioner in order to secure legal advice or other legal services. The information shared between legal practitioner and client is privileged and confidential information. Exceptions of this arise if client has reveal something illegal, for example a scheme to murder wife/employer or to defraud or conceal evidence.


We open a file for each client upon the existence of an attorney-client relationship. We will maintain and archive your file for 5 years, counted from the date from the end or withdrawal of the matter, whereafter we will destroy same.


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Thank you for visiting our website. Kanokanga & Partners is a corporate and commercial law firm established in 1991. This law firm is located in Harare, Zimbabwe we provide legal and advisory services to various individuals, families, small to medium enterprises, municipalities and public listed companies and other institutions.

We have and continue to provide an efficient and effective legal practice for well over two decades. We advise local, regional and international clients on various aspects of the law.

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